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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack

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Enjoy 3 Bottles of Premium Olive Oil at a discounted price! 

We are proud to bring you this beautiful Olive Oil.

There is an amazing freshness and vitality that only authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can deliver. Our taste is robust yet light on the palate and lingers long after you’ve consumed it. 

Once you experience Hellenic Gift Extra Virgin Olive Oil, whether it is mixed into your salad, drizzled over vegetables or used as part of your everyday cooking, you will never accept an inferior Olive Oil again.

What can I use the Olive Oil for? 

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal to drizzle over salads and vegetables,  fantastic for dipping crusty bread and is perfect for marinating, frying and cooking. We recommend the following:

Drizzle Olive Oil over:

  • Steamed or cooked vegetables 
  • Fresh salads
  • Fish and meats
  • Freshly cooked pasta before mixing it with your pasta sauce

Use in Marinades for:

  • Meat, chicken and fish before grilling
  • A delicious marinating blend of Olive Oil, lemon and oregano for Octopus or Calamari

Use Olive Oil as part of your everyday cooking:

  • Pan frying fish, chicken or meats
  • Drizzle generously over roasted potatoes to obtain a lovely flavoursome crunch
  • Serve with fresh crusty bread and a pinch of rock salt

What is the acidity level of your Olive Oil?

Our acidity level is as low as 0.2% which ranks amongst the elite level of high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Acidity levels are an important attribute in determining the quality of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You should taste a slight bitterness at the front of your mouth and also feel a slight burn in the back of your throat upon tasting the Oil. That is the taste of the polyphenols. Polyphenols are chemical compounds that contain anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties. They are a true sign of the health benefits within a great Olive Oil.

We are thrilled with the 2020 Harvest, and our producers say it’s the best quality they have had in decades! We can’t wait for you to taste it! 

** Be sure to store the Oil away from heat and keep it in a dark cupboard away from light**