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Hellenic Gift Special Reserve Honey in a Jar
Hellenic Gift Special Reserve Honey with Pistachio Cake and Raspberries
Hellenic Gift Special Reserve Honey with Greek Biscuits

Special Reserve Fir Tree Honey

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Pure luxury in a jar

Hellenic Gift Special Reserve Honey is rich in aromatic substances and simply an outstanding tasting honey. It boasts a beautiful, deep golden amber colour and is truly a honey to admire.

Our Honey is unheated, produced using traditional beekeeping methods and virtually unaltered from its natural state from within the beehive. No chemicals or pesticides are ever used in producing this honey.

FIR Tree Honey is produced from bees pollinating FIR Trees in the high altitude region of the Southern Peloponnese Mountains. It is rich in minerals, trace elements and iron and is said to aid in the treatment of an upset stomach and bowel problems.

This honey is delightful when used to sweeten teas, cakes or desserts. Due to the low GI composition, it is an excellent spread to be used on toast for breakfast. Drizzle it on yoghurt and mix it in with walnuts and fruit for an Ultra healthy breakfast.

Did you know?

HG Fir Tree Honey was independently tested by the Australian Department of Industry and Science for their Total Anti - Microbial Activity. HG Honey was graded as extremely high (25+) and is considered therapeutically beneficial. Approximately only 5% of all honey tested is graded this highly and is normally only associated with the most expensive Manuka Honeys graded at MGO 1000+.